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Gender equality in the organisation
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Training package for the promotion of gender equality in NGO development cooperation

Why is that challenging gender equalities is seen as tampering with traditions of culture, and thus taboo, while challenging inequalities in terms of wealth and class is not? - Mehta (1991)

Gender equality is an important goal in Finlandís policy for the developing countries. Gender equality is an internationally agreed goal and the promotion of gender equality is a precondition for achieving sustainable social and economic development. All development cooperation projects must thus include a gender perspective that enables progress to be made towards gender equality. 

This training package provides NGOs engaged in development cooperation with basic information about gender perspective and practical advice about how gender equality can be promoted through NGO projects. With the help of concepts, examples and exercises dealing with gender equality and project cooperation, NGOs are offered basic training that will improve the abilities of their own projects to reduce gender inequalities. The reduction of inequalities through projects also improves the quality and impact of development cooperation.

This training package has been created by the Department for Development Policy's Unit for Non-governmental Organisations in Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is part of the implementation of the Ministryís Strategy and Action Plan for Promoting Gender Equality 2003-2007.

Training package in Finnish